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Cannon Theater Company Presents


by William Shakespeare
directed and adapted by Richard Kimmel

set design by C. David Russell
costume design by Caitlin Ward
light design by Lap-Chi Chu
music direction by Mia Theodoratus
production management by Kim Guzowski


The Cast and Crew
The company after the first workshop showing 5/97
First Witch
Second Witch
Third Witch
Duncan, Third Murderer
Cawdor, Ross, Porter, Second Murderer
Menteith, Fleance
Lennox, First Murderer, Doctor
Angus, Seyton
Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff
Nitza Wilon
Kate Hall
Adrianna Dufay
Andrew Garman
Tim Cusick
Richard S. Bach
Dan Cohen
Donnie Mather
David Ari
Mark Briggs
David McCamish
James Crane
Holly Natwora

Who's Who

Witches' Macbeth is the entire blood-soaked action of Shakespeare's play masterminded by the three witches, propelled by a live band, and compressed into 75 minutes. This New York premiere features an ensemble of over 20 actors and musicians.

Witches' Macbeth premiered at the first New York International Fringe Festival in August of 1997. It was also a featured selection of the eighth annual American Living Room Festival, sponsored by HERE in association with Lincoln Center Thaeter, and was presented by the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn following the festival runs.

"Tommorrow and tommorrow........."
Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane
at the Wiiliamsburg Art Center 9/97


Production Manager
Movement Consultant
Music Director, Electric Harp
Electric Violin
Light Board Operator

Kim Guzowski
Sonoko Kawahara
Mia Theodoratus
Sarah Bernstein
Nick Smith
Faye Hudson
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